CookinPellets 100% Oak wood pellets


100% Oak

  • Works in all types of pellet grills.
  • 100% Oak, all natural, no added binders.
  • Will not void any manufacturers warranty.
CookinPellets 100% Oak wood pellets - 18kg
CookinPellets 100% Oak wood pellets - 5kg
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Oak wood pellets are a great middle ground as far as smoke intensity goes.

A little stronger than cherry or apple, and a little on the lighter end of the spectrum when compared to hickory or mesquite. 

It’s quite versatile and works with just about any meat which makes it great to have on hand. Oak is great to use with Fish and Vegetables or Shish Kababs and is one of the top choices for smoking ribs.

The Oak flavour is a light sweet and fruity that works great with Pork, Chicken and small game birds.

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