CookinPellets 100% Black Cherry wood pellets


100% Black Cherry

  • Works in all types of pellet grills.
  • 100% hardwood, all natural, no added binders.
  • No Oak filler or alder filler.
  • Will not void any manufacturers warranty.
CookinPellets 100% Black Cherry wood pellets - 18kg
CookinPellets 100% Black Cherry wood pellets - 5kg
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100% Black Cherry wood pellets are one of our favourites

An extremely versatile smoking pellet that can be used to smoke a variety of food. Customers have smoked everything from hamburgers, steak, chops, muffins and even cookies, the list goes on. Customers tell us that it works great with fish also. We highly recommend smoking Pork with Black Cherry, it gives such a sweet tender flavour.

Black Cherry is produced to work best at temperatures between 180 – 350 degrees. Low temps and longer time in the smoker produces the best flavour!

It is lighter in smoke but still finishes with a nice smoke! Try it for cold smoked dishes also.

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18kg, 5kg




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